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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Western transfer to China of control of global reserve currency

If western central banks are suppressing the gold price by selling gold down as is claimed by GATA and others, then the west is subsidising Chinese accumulation of gold.  The west sells gold to support their currencies.  The west would thus be transferring control of any new global gold or yuan linked reserve currency to China, which would seem to conflict with western strategic interests.

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  1. This would seem a logical conclusion if the world was one that fitted Academia's idealistic perspective.

    However, we know it does not, or should, if we applied that which Einstein claimed was greater than knowledge - Imagination. It is this which, when possessed, and applied, permits us to see outside the box which a lifetime of 'conditioning' confines so often the best of us.

    When the logic results from sound observation, and reasoning, then we would know that, for example, academic economic theory, if it had any meaningful substance, could not have permitted such high level, widespread, financial maladministration that has brought about the current international economic 'crisis', nor all the preceding ones.

    One Central Bank struck by an epidemic of insanity, or pure rogue behavior, could be viewed as unfortunate, but, so many worldwide, and all under the banner of 'the West' are far too many for it to be coincidence. And there has to be another, most singular 'school of economics' being applied.

    Where lack of imagination is evident is in not being able to see that all nations are merely parts of a whole, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. And, that there is a grand design to closer link all the parts to the whole.

    Few remember the Beijing Olympic slogan - 'One World, One Dream'. I can assure you that though the Chinese would endorse the sentiment, I doubt they were the ones who proposed it.

    When you own and control the casino, it matters little which area, from time to time, is the greater revenue earner just so long as there is harmony, and commitment to the whole.

    In the individuals of the 'management team', there are often egos, that common trait of leadership, that causes them to focus on their individual preserve, at the expense of the whole.

    All becomes much clearer when we start viewing our world as one, as do the 'Financial Elite' who got where they are by always seeing things with a gestalt view, or more simply put - 'seeing the big picture'.