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Thursday, 22 March 2012

China tightens totalitarian control

China has ordered lawyers to pledge their allegiance to the Chinese Communist Party, according to Reuters.

China's move confirms that PRC Chinese "justice" remains subordinated to political ends.

RIO Tinto senior executive Stern Hu was initially charged with paying bribes to Chinese officials, according to The Age's "Bribe claim baseless:  RIO", and other sources.  After a secret trial, Mr Hu was found guilty of receiving - not paying - bribes, and jailed for ten years.  Mr Hu was apparently charged for receiving but convicted of the opposite action, during the same trial.  The charges appear to have been inverted during the course of the secret trial.  Justice, and those charges, appear to be arbitrary.

One long term consequence of arbitrary law, injustice and the lack of individual freedoms is suppression of the individual creativity required to become a truly strong global financial power.  Much more than financial power is required to achieve and sustain global might.  Therefore it should not be taken for granted that Mainland China and the yuan will readily achieve singular global dominance, even though the European and US financial systems are in debt crisis.

See Reuters' article "China orders lawyers to pledge allegiance to Communist Party", which I acknowledge with thanks.

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