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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Chinese gold imports increase

Chinese demand for physical gold increases with widening prosperity across the population whose culture has valued gold highly for millennia.  In September 2011 China started installing 2000 gold bullion vending machines.  I believe the central committee has a policy to encourage popular accumulation of private gold holdings to complement central bank and other government holdings, to strengthen China's gold backing, and their global economic and political clout, and to
better place China to play a significant role in a new global reserve currency after the demise of the US dollar's role as the global reserve currency through quantitative easing (money printing).  Therefore, increasing substantial Chinese demand for gold might be sustained over some years, but that is only my opinion.  I acknowledge "Chinese still buying gold big time - huge imports in October", from;  and "China unveils gold vending machine".


  1. Lawrence Williams' September, 2009, article "China pushes silver and gold investment to the masses" forewarning of increasing Chinese public demand for gold appears to have been proven to be correct. His article is is available at:

  2. Also see: "China's September gold purchases leap sixfold" at: